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01. Why do I need a Fight Coordinator?

If you have any type of staged violence from a simple fall or slap, all the way up to a mass battle with weapons then you should employ a fight choreographer / fight director.

I work closely with a productions creative team and will facilitate the process of creating dramatic action that is safe and appropriate to the ability of the participants involved. Ideally it's a good idea to get me involved as early as possible on a production to allow time to address a range of production requirements including:

  • Sourcing appropriate and safe weapons

  • Planning and delivering any required fight training for the cast

  • Choreographing and teaching fights to the cast

  • Consulting with wardrobe regarding safety issues of costuming

  • Consulting with set design to take account of potential dangers for any fights

  • Provide casting services for experienced actor combatants if required



02. Why do I need an Armourer?

There are various legal and good practice requirements for working with firearms. These vary from theatre to film and from private to public space as well as to what type of weapons are being used.

If you would like to hire firearms I can advise you on suitable weapons and procedures.

For reference below is the Metropolitan Police Service Film Unit guidance for the provision and supervision of theatrical and film firearms.


MPS Film Unit (Nov 2013)

Supply of replica / imitation or airsoft firearms

"Any production requiring replica/imitation or airsoft firearms, must have obtained them from a Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD) or a correctly licensed supplier that is a Company whose business is to supply replica / imitation or airsoft firearms to film, television and theatrical productions.

Use of replica / imitation or airsoft firearms

For all production work, a Film Armourer must be engaged where a firearm that requires a licence or certificate is to be held or used by someone who is not working within the privileges of their own licence, such as an actor. The Film Armourer must be competent and experienced in such work. Holding licences or shotgun and firearm certificates does not qualify a person to be an armourer.

The safety and security of Replica/imitation/airsoft firearms should be treated in the same way. The producer must seek the advice of the relevant weapons expert to make sure that adequate information, instruction and training is given to all those involved with, or affected by the use of the weapon".

03. Why do I need a Fight Performer?

Whether you're booking me as a performer for your production or casting someone for fight scenes I'm co-ordinating it's worth considering hiring someone with the relevant skills for the job.


A good fight performer can fight like they mean it whilst keeping other actors safe and relate the action to their character's skill level and objectives. Many fight performers are professional actors and can handle emotional scenes and character roles. They can pick up choreography quickly and are experienced working on set, saving you hassle, time and money.



04. Are you the best person for the job?

Anything's possible. I'm pretty decent at my job, whether it be creating suitable choreography or working with actors, directors and other departments. My reviews and testimonials will give you an independent opinion. I'm passionate about my work whether it be teaching 6 year olds how to slap each other (safely) or choreographing opera singers slitting throats, I bring knowledge and passion to the job.


05. How much do you charge?

I'm a believer in economic karma so am happy to discuss terms based on your budget. I love my job and like to work with people who strive to create good work, whether it be a BAFTA winning computer game or an award winning web series, the rewards are in the results. I also work with a team of other fight professionals so no production is too big or too small. ​



06. Is Ronin your real name?

Yes, I have a passport with a dodgy photo to prove it. It's taken from the story of the 47 Ronin which is celebrated in Japan each year on the day of my birthday which is the 14th December. On this date in 1702 the 47 Ronin avenged the death of their master Lord Asano against Lord Kira and then committed seppuku (ritual suicide) and passed into Japanese legend.


My heritage is actually Irish, rather than Japanese but I've been fortunate to work with Japanese weapons and explore some of the culture and customs whilst working on various projects including SEGA's Shogun 2 and the live adaptation of cult comic Usagi Yojimbo.

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