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Fight Director - Equity Register

Master Teacher - British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat

Black Belt - San Shou Kuan (Chinese Kickboxing)

Firearms Instructor - Society of American Fight Directors

Fencing Coach, Level 3 Foil - British Academy of Fencing


Fencing Coach, Moniteur Fleuret - Academie d'Armes Internationale


Advanced Actor Combatant - British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat - distinctions in all weapon systems.

5 Star proficiency in Foil, Epee & Sabre - British Academy of Fencing

City & Guilds 7407 Certificate in further education teaching

M.A. History of European Design & Visual Culture - Staffordshire University

Mental Health First Aider - MHFA England


Armed Forces Mental Health First Aider - MHFA England


First Aid at Work - Red Cross

Other industry associated qualifications include:

Safe Management of Stunts (Production Safety Passport). ​Bullying & Harassment, Conflict Resolution, Equality & Diversity, Introduction to Intimacy Coordination, Health & Safety in the Workplace - Level 2, Introduction to Intimacy Direction, LGBTQ+ Awareness, Managing Diversity,  Manual Handling, Protecting Children in Entertainment, Risk Assessment for Events, Sexual Harassment for Managers & Supervisors.

Coronavirus Basic Awareness on Production (Screen Skills), Covid-19 (level A) for Film and Video Production Industry (Safe Sets),  Coronavirus Awareness (British Assessment Bureau).



  • Fight direction and coordination on over 500 productions.

  • Experience in film, television, theatre, opera, dance, motion capture and live events.

  • Large battle(s) coordination for film.



Distinction in all weapons: Broadsword, Sword & Shield, Knife, Quarterstaff, Rapier & Dagger, Single Sword / Swashbuckling, Small Sword, Unarmed Combat.


Trained extensively (1000+ hrs) under B.A.S.S.C. Master Teachers and Fight Directors Bret Yount (National Theatre, RSC), Philip d'Orleans (Pan, Shakespeare's Globe, RSC) and Richard Ryan (Batman Begins, Sherlock Holms I & II, Stardust, Troy, The Last Legion, Vikings).


Additional training to varying degrees with B.A.S.S.C. teachers / master teachers - Aaron Anderson, Cameron Kendrick, Chris Main, Ian Prater, Jonathan Leverett, John McFarland, Marlon Bulger, Roger Bartlett, Rosa Nicolas and Scot Mann.


Training performance and choreographing experience in additional weapon systems including: axe, bullwhip, Chinese broadsword, cutlass, falcata, flail, gladius, katana, naganata, nunchaku, sabre, sai, spear, spear & shield, sword & bucker.






  • Archery

  • Theatrical Firearms (BASSC, SAFD, Tactical Black & UK Police)

  • Live fire pistol shooting - Realist Shooting Club - Ukrain,

  • Live fire sniper rifles - SSK Kupol Shooting Club - Ukraine

  • Live Fire Pistol, Shotguns, Rifles, Assualt Rifles, Submachine Guns - Colonial Shooting Academy and Black Creek Gun Club - USA

  • Film Fighting and Coordination Workshop - Richard Ryan

  • Film Fighting Workshop - David Boushey- American Stunt School

  • Scrappy Fighting - K Jenny Jones

  • Bartitsu  - Tony Wolf

  • Screen Combat - Claudio Pacifico

  • Stunt Action Workshops - Dave Lea

  • Stage Combat (extensive) - Philip Stafford

  • Air Ram - Tony Christian

  • Aerial Rigging Fundamentals - Craig Lewis / Night Owl Circus Arts

  • Fencing in Foil, Epee & Sabre - British Academy of Fencing

  • Motion Capture Performance Workshop - Co Motion

  • British Action Academy - Warrior Masterclass - Phrase 3. Instructors Andreas Petrides, Anthony Jackson, Tidd James.

  • Making Better Movies: Stunt Co-ordination - seminar at BAFTA. Panel: Jim Dowdall, Nick Fulton, Simon Bowles. Speaker: Paul Weston



  • San Shou Kuan - Black Belt. Currently training under Senior Master Peter Kennedy, UK

  • Bagua Palm - trained under Master Qu, Kunya Mountain, China

  • Baji Fist - trained under Master Guo, Kunya Mountain, China

  • Chi Kung - trained under Master Guo, Kunya Mountain, China

  • Chin Woo - trained under Master Alistair Monteith, UK

  • Jujustu - trained under Grand Master Crimi, UK (basic intro)

  • Shaolin Kung Fu - trained under Master Shi Xing Qing, Kunya Mountain, China.

  • Tai Chi - trained under Masters Guo and Wang, Kunya Mountain, China



  • Drama Foundation Course - City Lit Institute (Voice - Irene Bradshaw / Acting - Rodney Archer / Movement - Irmela Wiemann)

  • Various specialist courses including:

  • Meisner - Michael Bernardin

  • Stanislavski - Georgina Sowerby

  • Accents - Eileen Benskin

  • Introduction to the Alba Method / Emoting - Nancy Loitz

  • Additional vocal training - Danielle Allan



  • President - British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat 2024 - Present

  • Master at Arms - International Actor Academy 2019 - Present

  • Vice President - British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat 2012 - 2014

  • Chair of Teacher Review Board - British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat 2013 - 2015

  • Secretary - British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat 2009 - 2011

  • Actor Combatant Rep - British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat 2005 - 2008

  • Board member  - London College of Music / Performing Arts Collective Joint Assesment Board - 2011 - 2015


  • Equity

  • British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat

  • Society of American Fight Directors

  • British Academy of Fencing

  • British Academy of Dramatic Combat

  • San Shou Kuan

  • British Council of Chines Martial Arts

  • European Wu Shu Federation

  • International Wu Shu Fereration

  • Staffordshire University Studnet Union - Life Honary Member

  • British Gymnastics

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